Small, cute and delicious - CAKEPOPS



 Hi you!
We’re so sorry we haven't been posting anything for the last 10 days but our first two weeks of school were very stressful ._. But today we got a really sweet 'n cool recipe for you. We tried to make cakepops last week. It was our first time and at the beginning it just failed. However, in the end there are originated some beautiful little cakepops. Have a look!

At first you take a ready-to-eat-cake (chocolate, lemon,...) and crunch it up (into a bowl, of course). That’s very funny! 

Then you grab some butter, icing sugar and crème fraîche and put it in the bowl and knead it till it’s a pliant dough. 

After that you take little pieces of the dough and make little balls of it. When you have enough balls you take the sticks, put them into melted chocolate and stick them into the balls. Now you put them into the fridge for 1 or 2 hours. 

Now it comes to the creative part. You need to put the balls into melted chocolate and then you can decorate the cakepops however you want. Use different sprinkles, chocolate or whatever you want! After, stick them into  a piece of polystyrene, so that the chocolate can firm up.

Fail!!! :D

Love ♥

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  1. cooool, die cakepops muss ich auch ganz ganz dringend ausprobieren, sieht sehr lecker aus bei euch ;)
    hihi und den block mit der pusteblume von shabbyblogs habe ich in einem meiner letzten posts auch benutzt, der ist echt klasse :)!
    liebste grüßlein, macht weiter so :)