Fashion for fall (Part I )



Time is flying! Fall is almost over and it's getting colder (and more colorful if you live in the countryside as we do) every day.  So we thought to show you some of our favorite fall-looks. Enjoy!

Well, this is the first outfit! Lee loves it! 

 I'm wearing my black skirt with black Overknees and my favourite shoes. I ♥ these shoes.
Additionally I'm wearing a grey jumper which has laces on the shoulders. I'm sorry you can't see it in the photos but it's very beautiful! You also can mix it with a different jumper or a top and a cardigan .. well, you actually can wear everything to this three black garments. And - who would have thought it - on my head (or maybe not) there's my black hat :)

  So, this is July's first Outfit. What do you think?I'm wearing my light blue jeans mixed with a white/black blouse. If you have a jeans and a blouse, like me, you can decide weather you'll wear white or black - sneackers or boots. I also wear a black coat with a fluffy hood :) What about you? Do you prefer wearing boots or sneakers this autumn? Let us know and leave a comment.

...and here are some nice fall photos:

Do you know this? You get up in the morning, look out the window and you think:
''Why does it always have to rain when I got to go to school by bike?''
And then, some hours later the sun is shining, there's a blue sky and it's just so colorful outside? Beautiful!

Well what do you think about the sky in the third picture? In our art lessons we have to draw landscapes and I (Lee) drew a sky like this! I took a lot of these photos lately, maybe I can show you how interesting the sky can be!

We hope you like this post and you want to see more Outfits!?


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  1. Die Outfits sind wirklich schön!
    Ich habe euch übrigens getaggt! Sind die Bilder jetzt angekommen?
    LG MAlena

  2. Da es ja nicht per E-Mail klappt, jetzt als Kommentar:
    Ich habe mal ein paar meiner Lieblingsbilder zusammen gesucht!
    Ich hoffe die Link reichen!
    Also, das erste habe ich in Paris vor den Osterferien gemacht. Ich mag dieses Motiv einfach:
    Das nächste habe ich jetzt in den Sommerferien in Dänemark gemacht:
    Dieses habe ich gestern gemacht in einer Werkstatt:
    Genauso wie dieses:

    Ich hoffe es ist okey das ich so viele euch schicke! ^^ Mein Bloglink ist Ich würde mich freuen wenn ihr mal vorbei schauen würdet!
    LG Malena