Our Vintage ADVENTure #2


Are you trying to find a present for your sister or your best friend? 
Then this tutorial might help you.

In the Vintage Decoration - post we already showed you this cute and convenient equipment. In this post we'll  show you how to make this earring holder by yourself.
That's what you need:

a canvas  
a brush
brown/beige colour
a pair of scissors
liquid glue
cardboard (in a light colour, if possible) 
a sharp object (e.g. pin)   
double-sided tape    
a picture of books (e.g. a printout, but no special photo paper) which has the same length as the canvas   
a picture of a book lying on its back
printout of a quote you like (matching with the picture)    
perhaps: spray varnish

Step 1 
Apply diluted colour on the canvas...

...and wait until everything is well dried...

Step 2
Cut out the pictures.

Step 3
Rip off the corners of the paper with the quote.
  'Books are flying carpets in the realm of fancy.'


Step 4
Make a box out of the cardboard. It should be as big as the picture of the lying book which you should have cut out before.

Step 5
Glue the lying book on the front of the box. 

Step 6
After that, glue the cut out books on the canvas.

Step 7
For a better support,  just spray on some transparent spray varnish and allow it to dry.

Step 8
You're almost finished!
Just bond the box on the canvas using double-sided tape. Then you stick little holes in the canvas  with a sharp object e.g. a pin.   (just where you want the pricks for the earrings to be)

At last you hang in your earrings. BEAUTIFUL!

Special thanks go to Lee's cousin who made this for us !!♥

If you like it, please share it and show your friends !   :)
LinkParty #60 by art.of.66  here nice!

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