Our Vintage ADVENTure - Fashion I


Hello everyone!

It's time for another fashion post.
So.. in three days will be Christmas evening and we thought we show you the outfit we're going to wear. 
Maybe it's a little inspiration for you.

July is wearing a blouse, combined with a black sweather, a skirt, black overknees and a beige trenchcoat.


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  1. Hello July,
    I stumnbled on you picture while searching for images on google for winter fashion. The third picture struck me with mighty power, my heart felt tremendous agitation. In this picture i see innocent and yet vigor, simplicity and yet thoughtfullness.
    I could not look at your picture and not comment. If i have said anything wrong within my text, please forgive me.

    1. Hey, Lee here!
      You're totally right! I'll say 'Thank You' in Julys name too. Thanks so much for these lovely words - this feedback means a lot to us <3
      My reaction when I looked at the photos I took: 'This is like from an old movie in which a woman is standing on a trainstation saying goodbye to someone or..!'