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"Dancing is the transformation of inspiration into movement. It's a constituting genre of art, a tradition, a sport or just the expression of feelings." And it is the passion of lots of people all over the world, like me. It's the mixture of acting and doing sport at the same time that fascinates me about dancing - and the fact that I can totally be myself.

I have been doing modern and ballett dancing (in a dance school) for 7 years. At first I really wasn't keen on dancing, but then my best friend (whose mother is a dance instructor) persuaded me to try it - and I tried it. Since then I have been in love with dancing. I started to do modern dance, practising once a week. When starting to attend high school, I switched over to ballett and by the age of like 12 I learned to dance on points.

Today, dancing is a big part of my life: I go to dance school twice a week and on holidays (like today), I exercise whenever I can, and when there's good music I can't help dancing. While dancing I can be creative and do what I love. I'm on my own, doing my own moves and trying to express feelings and distribute messages, in the middle of other dancers who are trying to do the same. And together we result in a big overall picture with different lively elements.

“Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.”

Have you ever done ballett or any kind of dancing? Or would you like to?







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  1. Thank you a lot Girl´s ♥


  2. I have been dancing since 9 years. Started with Hip Hop, but now I prefer Jazz & Modern Dance. Every week I´m going to a dance school and I love it to dance so much! ♥
    LG Liana art-liana-fashion.blogspot.de

  3. toller post! :)


  4. Danke fürs taggen. Werde ich demnächst auf jedenfall mitmachen.
    Ja, ich habe früher Ballett getanzt und bereue mittlerweile dass ich auf gehört habe. Naja, später ist man immer klüger.
    LG Malena