Picnicking In Spring - Food Inspiration


Hello Everybody!!
Usually it's not that warm and sometimes there is snow in Germany in March but this year it is different!
The gardens and flowers  in our hometown are in blossom and even some bees are flying round!
We already picnicked outside and it was lovely. Let's go!

We packed our picnic basket full of yummy food (which we made ourselves) and other things to
have a great day outside.

These delicious-looking cookies are very easy to make:
Mix 1/2 glass of Nutella, 1 egg and a cup of flour - approx. 250ml (and if you want some nuts). 
Then form little cookies out of the dough. Put them into the oven for 10 minutes (175°C , circulating air). Attention: Don't let them get too hard, they should be a little crumby when you take them out!

 For this delicious smoothie just mix your favourite fruits with some yoghurt ;)

Have a nice day ♥


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