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Music is more than just a melody, more than entertainment. Music is an own language, we can show our feelings with it; capture moments and we can recognize how other people feel. 

That’s what fascinates me about music. When I started playing descant recorder in the age of 6 I didn’t know much about the power of music but it was fun and you know, learning an instrument also trains your brain!

I hardly remember my first prelude. It was in a church and shortly before I had fallen off my bike but I persevered. Some years later I started playing alto recorder and because this wasn’t enough for me I also started playing the piano. I think everyone should try playing the piano at least once! It’s such a lovely instrument. Meanwhile I either take recorder lessons or piano lessons because … I found MY instrument. You might know what it is. The SAXOPHONE. I love it so much. When they hear ‘saxophone’ a lot of people think you only can play jazz-music with it but that’s not true! You can play every kind of music and it sounds incredible. The sound of a saxophone is great. No matter if it’s a slow song by Adele or a quick pop song.
By the way, I am also learning to play the guitar by myself (sometimes my dad helps me).
I really enjoy playing these instruments, going to concerts of different artists and I would listen to music every second of the day if I 

Who is playing an instrument as well? Leave a comment!


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  1. Toller Tag :) Ich selbst spiele kein Instrument. Danke fürs Taggen, ich werde mal schauen, ob ich den Tag in nächster Zeit schaffe, da es im Moment sehr stressig bei mir ist :(
    Ich wünsche dir noch einen schönen Tag!
    Liebste Grüße,
    Lilly <3