A little story - City of the future


Hello Loves,
Lee recently wrote a little story for school, and we decided to show you how she thinks future people will reside:

There only exist large cities because the suburbanization has been reserved and the humans moved back into the big main cities. At first glance everything seems quite good. Modern, expensive, huge but amazing! You can see skyscrapers wherever you look. They are built of steel and glass and constructed in crazy shapes like pyramids, balls or just asymmetric with curves. The big city is full of glass tunnels where busy people walk. But appearances are deceitful.  All the public places are surrounded by these glass covers, including motorways, car parks, playgrounds - almost everything! If the inhabitants get out, they would choke. Although the invention of zero-emission is finally done, the making of all the building material produces too many fumes. Based on this you can’t breathe. The people are very greedy, so they only produce the cheap materials.
The car industry is the leading transport force and so there isn’t much utopian transportation. Except design, performance or energy consumption, the traffic is nearly the same as many years ago.
But these are just the rich parts of the city. There are poor ghettos too, strictly separated from the rich districts. There, people have to wear gas masks because their flats and houses aren’t equipped with oxygen lines and there aren’t glass tunnels.
As if that is not enough, our earth is not the green planet anymore. Almost all plants were destroyed by the new industrialisation machines or died because of the fumes. The rainforests were being cut down and the ecosystem of the oceans is completely destroyed. That doesn’t make it any easier to regenerate things from our old-time nature. But without new plants the people wouldn’t be able to live a healthy life in the cities.
However, there is a dawn of hope. There still exist many methods to save our planet from a big catastrophe for example organisations which research the variety of new plants or people who want to help the ghettos to get tunnels, too. 


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