Dreams and the little things in life... [Guest post]


Hello friends of the internet!

Sorry, that this isn't a fashion or vintage post. I am just not good at those... Well, you could ask me about fashion but I am pretty sure nothing useful will come out of that conversation... : )

Maybe I should introduce myself first: Hi, my name is Amani, nice to meet you all. I would probably call myself a "part time dreamer" and a good friend of July and Lee. Which is why I am here...yay!


Do you sometimes stare at people? Weird question, I know. But do you look at people and wonder what sort of person this might be? Obviously, I am not Sherlock*, so all I can do is guess. Is this a dreamer, a scientist, a religious person? Does this person have any kids?

And then you start wondering what sort of person you will be one day. 

Will you become one of these important business people, rushing through the streets of the cities with that stressed look on their face?

Will you hold the hand of a child or end up as a catlady?

Or will you find yourself in front of the TV munching away some fast food while thinking hard about your life choices?

You spend your time making lists about things you want to do before you die, but they get longer and you didn't cross out one single thing. There are so many opportunities, but life goes so fast you don't even have the time to get hold of one.

"Sky's the limit and you know that you can have
What you want, be what you want"**

Keep going that extra mile to achive your dreams. You might regret it in the future if you don't. If you are confident that you have potential inside you: then what is holding you back? Of course it won't be easy but remember: When life is like a bad joke, be the only one who laughs. In my opinion it's all about finding the right balance. Reach for your goals but don't forget the little things in life. Like that one time the lady at starbucks spelled your name right or your friend shared their last cookie with you.***

Thats the two things that keep us going: dreams and the people around us.

And possibly oxygen aswell

Have a great week!


*Great series by the way. Love it.
**Sky is the limit by The Notorious B.I.G
***Ahh...there is nothing better than a cookie... or two...or three... 

How do you like this kind of posts? We are planning to do more of it.. maybe together with Amani (if she wants do, we haven't asked her yet) . If you have a nice topic you want us to write about (or maybe you want to write about it on our blog), just leave a comment! We'd be happy!

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