Lea goes Sweden 2014 - part I


Blonde hair& blue eyes. Moose. Wasa bread. That's my lovely Sweden. (And of course H&M and IKEA)
I spent three weeks of my summer holiday in my favourite country! Beautiful landscapes, beautiful cities, beautiful people!
You have to know that my family and I are very nature-loving and it's our fourth time in Sweden. On holiday we do outdoor activities like hiking and canoeing. So I'm sorry if there are not too much pictures from different cities in this post.
Well, I've taken over 700 pictures so it's very difficult to show them ALL but I hope you enjoy my impressions and I can fascinate you about the land of moose.


 MELLBY (Sweden)


GOTEBORG (Gøteborg)

  • There is a great beach in Mellby & three beautiful jogging-routes.
  • Want to go shopping? Goteborg has a great mall and a lot of very cute other stores.
  • For relaxation I can recommend the district Haga. There is a street with a lot of cafes and cute souvenir shops.
To be continued ...

What's your first impression of Sweden? I hope it's a good one :)

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