Already autumn - What to wear ...


Hi everyone!

Today I (Lee) have got a little Outfit-post for you.
In Germany we already have autumn. Because of that I thought I could show you what I'm wearing today. I really love wearing a blouse with a cool necklace this autumn. What do you think about the outfit? Let me know and leave a comment below. 

For this variation I'm just wearing my black hat,
a dark red blouse (love this colour in autumn),
black jeggins and my beige boots.

This is my necklace. I find it cute because it looks a bit like little bells.
Doesn't it?

For the second variation I added a beige scarf and a beanie.
They have the same colour as my boots :)

 And for making my outfit more vintage I wear this cute gold bracelet.

Have a great day,
♥ Lee

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  1. huhu :) schöner blog, dein englisch ist gut und man kann es flüssig lesen. werde dir jetzt folgen :) wenn du möchtest, kannst du mir gerne folgen. würde mich freuen! Liebe Grüße, Yasi!