Home sweet Home - Vintage decorations


Hi guys!
Aaarw! We're so sorry that we haven't been posting anything.
Autumn was actually stressful for me! First I (Lee) went to Belgium for 5 days 
and after that I went to a seminar ( for 4 days). Now July is in Berlin and I'm at home.
(We have got autumn holidays - Okay, that's not really stressful for most people but I have to practice a lot of school stuff and that's bad!)

But today I want to show you some sweet vintage decorations because 
I think having a pretty room is everything if you want to feel good! :D
Enjoy the photos and if you have questions, just ask!

Sorry for the bad quality but something is wrong with my laptop!

DIY - photo album

DIY - Thank you cousin ♥
Isn't it beautiful? 

my cousin with a beautiful old camera

Have a nice day!

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  1. Wunderschönes Fotoalbum! *-* gerade jetzt in der grauen Jahreszeit finde ich ein gemütliches Zimmer/Zuhause auch sehr wichtig um sich richtig wohl zu fühlen ♥


  2. Dir wurde von uns ein Blogaward verliehen! Würde uns sehr freuen, wenn du teilnehmen würdest. :)
    LG Liana ♥