DIY Ideas for Valentine's Day I - Darling Diary


That's what you need:

                              (Of course you also need a small diary)

First, measure out the length & width of the diary you want to use. Then draw another line approx. 2 cm away of your first line.

Scratch the lines you're going to wrinkle.

It should look like this:

As you probably have imagined, you have to cut it now.

 Stick the paper onto the diary.


Now draw the letters or whatever you want to put on your diary on a colored paper and cut them out.

 And then, of course, stick them on the book cover.

Ready to be gifted!

So this is just a little inspiration. It's not expensive and easy to make if you haven't got much time, but also cute and creative. What are you going to gift on Valentine's Day?
By the way, there will be another DIY next week!

(We also wanted to say 'thank you' for 30 followers YOU're great!)

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