Things to do before you die!


Everyone of us has dreams and goals they want to accomplish. Some may have specific intentions, some may 'only' have  unexact wishes. However, we made a list of what we want to do before we die.              

You must do the things you think you cannot do        

                                                                                   -Eleanor Roosevelt-  

           1   visit all continents

           2   produce a film or a music video
         3   skydiving

           4   stay up all night & watch the sunrise

           5   sleep under the starry sky

           6   scream as loud as you can (out of the window)

           7   throw a very big party

           go diving in a reef

           visit as much countries&places as possible

          10  buy an old Aston or Mustang or whatever

be in space

        12   write a book

reveal a very old secret

watch all of these 'classy' movies

        15   go to a festival like Coachella

          16   upload a YouTube video

          17    send away a message in a bottle

          18   donate something in a good cause

          19   build a school in Africa

          20   worldpeace    

Of course these are just some parts of our list but we don't want to name all yet. Do you have a list of things you want to do before you die? What have you always wanted to do? 


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  1. Ich antworte jetzt einfach mal hier ;)
    Ich habe die canon eos 600D. Eine Spiegelreflexkamera erleichtert das fotografieren enorm, aber ich habe auch fotos von meiner 'kleinen' kamera, die ich mit der canon nie so schön hingebracht hätte :)

  2. Ich hab auch so eine Liste :b und ich mag euren Blog und Style (:
    Habt jetzt einen neuen Follower, ich hoffe ihr schaut mal bei mir vorbei
    ♥ Jenny