Copenhagen - City with class #wittywednesday


It's wittywednesday and I want to show you some pictures&introduce the city where I spent my 16th birthday! COPENHAGEN.

The first thing that we noticed when we arrived was, that almost everyone is going by bike! The cyclists have their own streets and their own traffic lights and bikes are standing at every corner. SCARY!

                This side is for the cyclists.                                      This if for the pedestrians.

On the first day we went there, was the Iron Man and it was very difficult to find the right ways to the right sights. On the second day we visit the ROSENBORG SLOT. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

Kind of ... disney-magical-castle or something like that ... don't you think so, too?

The fort is on a small island on the edge of the town which is formed like a star or a blossom. (Just search it in Google and you'll know what I mean.)



It is very very beautiful from the inside too!

Well, I also took a lot more pictures and I can say: Copenhagen is such a beautiful city, with so many cute streets and buildings and if you have the chance to go there. Take it!
Favourite memory: We had a very cute conversation with an elderly lady at the bus stop who was suprised and thankful that we offered her a seat. She was from Danmark and she said that it wasn't usual that young people offer seats to older people and so she knew that we weren't from Danmark :)

Btw, I'm planning to make a second Tumblr. for my little journeys where I want to blog some more photos.


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