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For today's FashionMonday I thought I'd show you 4 ways to style a black Vintage skirt.When I found this thrifted skirt in my mom's closet, I immediately fell in love. It's so simple to style it - no matter what style you prefer: classy, cute or even casually sporty. And it adds some 50s and 60s flair to every outfit!

The first way... is basically the collocation in the picture above. It's a very Vintage-looking version with a blue blouse (H&M) knotted around the waist and a red bandana (New Yorker) knotted around the head. This one might be more suitable for a special event than for school or work but I'm sure it's always an eyecatcher!

The second way...

...is as simple as beautiful: Just combine the skirt with a white blouse and you have a nice and plain Black-and-White - look. If this is too sallow for you, add a some liveliness with a colourful jacket or some nail polish (Misslyn in the colour 674 or Manhattan Lotus Effect). For shoes, I recommend black wedges - or some retro-inspired trainers (obviously Nike) if you want to feel comfy.

The third way...

...is also not that complicated. The look features a blue denim blouse with long sleeves, black see-through tights and black or cinnabar red Oxford shoes.

The fourth way...

...stands out from the other outfits, mostly because of the oversized Eminem-shirt (H&M). Paired with overknees (H&M aswell) and a College jacket it's perfect for balmy autumn days. This outfit is probably a good option for girls with a more tomboy-ish and comfy style or those who normally don't wear skirts.

Do you like this kind of posts? I'd really like to know which look your favourite is! Comment!

Have a pleasant and lovely day and foremost LIV' VINTAGE,

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